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Free Speech in New Mexico - a bizarre trip into a weird event that involved this site, the law, and the news
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Not the Uni-bomber.  Much funnier and more safe.
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Gullibuster 4.0 - Amazing Cure for Gullibility  - you had to be there to understand.  This came up at the Valentines Day barbeque.  Luckily, we still have wives.

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Panda Death Dance
- bad animation looking for friends
Punk Jokes - or not ...
Rabid Dog Jokes - Really painful.  You'll laugh despite yourself ... or not.
The Lizard Speaks - a comic for kids (or not).


EatMe  Search Engines that Insult You ... Searches this site!
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PETA - with SeeUinHell Editorial Treatment
Famous "Hell" Quotes
Abe Lincoln on Art
Sitting Bull on Little Bighorn
Neil Armstrong on the Moon
Happy Fuzzy Cuddly Fun Love Bunny - hey, you asked for something nice!
Cruzman's Brain Unveiled -  Free-Write Journal Blog by Cruzman Szimonisz at

A Bad Day For Cheesecake - a creepy short story - No reason, no revenue model, just a Big Ass Robot! - Links to Info and Stuff - Danger is is middle name!
Yahoo! in Pig Latin - Two great things that go great together - tips for the car enthusiast - That pretty much says it all, don't it.
AnthraxGram.Com - recently closed, but still on our minds
(aka "Songs in My Head" Blog)