Tired of the usual Torture Page?  Can't find a page with the proper oscillation speed to set off that seizure?  Look no further.  SeeUinHell.com presents:
Torture and Seizures!
and Other Silly Games

For an appetizer ... let's start with a little Virtual Parkinson's Disease.
Tacky? Yes; Insensitive? Very. But fun nonetheless.


Impossible Tetrus

Remember all those years in the '90s ... hours and hours lost to dropping those stupid blocks on each other? MS-Freakin-DOS! God! It was torturous!

Well now you can re-live those foregone days with this new, updated, 2000 version.  It takes no skill at all!  It's impossible!  Talk about torture...


Get Tortured by Bad Art with SeeUinHell's Panda-Mation,
the worst Panda Animation on the Web!


Here's where you can
Pop-Up Torture: Do not click this link.  It will put tons of little pop-up windows on your screen 

Only you can help add to the torture!  E-mail ideas to webmaster@SeeUinHell.com


But now for real dangerous fun! Let's have a seizure!

Yes ... you've seen it on Pokémon (if you live in Japan) and you've read about it in the news (if you read)!  That's right, if you are susceptible to seizures, an oscillating red/green light at three to five times per second is a great way to set one off!

WARNING: Do not, under any circumstances, click on the picture of Hal 9000! (SeeUinHell.com disclaims any responsibility for actions that we have expressly told you not to take ... like, for instance, clicking on the picture.)

Click on Hal to see if you'll have a seizure. Be sure to have a couple of pencils ready to keep you from swallowing your tongue.

Apologies to those who do have seizures, but then, jokes about alcoholism don't bother me much, so get over it.


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