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Are you gullible? Are you an "easy mark" for con men and ripoff artists? Then you need Gullibuster 4.0, the Amazing SeeUinHell Gullibility Cure! This product is proven to cure you!  Hear testimonials from our Satisfied Customers

Take this simple True/False test to see if we can help. And remember to answer honestly – the first step on the road to recovery is admitting that you have a problem.

  1. Homeless people use the pocket change I give them to buy food and improve their lot in life;
  2. Telephone psychics have amazing insight into my personal problems, but aren’t clairvoyant enough to call me before I call them;
  3. When a politician says that instead of a government program growing by 10% a year, it will only grow by 7%, this is a "spending cut";
  4. The United States will only send military troops abroad for the purpose of promoting and protecting principles of democracy;
  5. A "Social Security Trust Fund" is a good way to ensure that money set aside for retirement benefits isn’t used for other purposes;
  6. The outcome of a professional wrestling match is determined solely by the skill, wits, and guile of the contestants involved;
  7. The outcome of a NASCAR race is determined solely by the skill, wits, and guile of the contestants involved;
  8. The outcome of a horse race at Balmoral Track in south Chicago is determined solely by the skill, wits, and guile of the contestants involved;
  9. Insurance companies have your best interests in mind;
  10. O.J. didn't do it;
  11. The United States does not have enough oil to support its needs. It depends on aid from the Middle East;
  12. Although television and print reporters overwhelmingly identify themselves as Democrats, their professionalism prevents personal bias from tainting the way they report the news;
  13. Democrats vote;
  14. People who host talk-radio shows are intelligent, educated, and insightful and can support their opinions with facts;
  15. Airport security guards, customs agents, and INS agents appreciate a good prank;
  16. Leaving your cell phone on at the gas station might cause an explosion;
  17. Leaving your cell phone on during a flight might cause a plane crash;
  18. Leaving your cell phone on at the hospital might disrupt someone's pacemaker and cause a death or worse;
  19. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by an international cabal that included the CIA, Cuban refugees, the Mafia, and the inner sanctum of the United States Government.  Despite the number of people involved, with the help of over 800 continuous members of Congress and the thousands of people in the Justice Department, they’ve kept the unspeakable conspiracy under wraps to this very day;
  20. The Earth is being visited by hyper-intelligent species from distant planets who have mastered means of travel that defy the laws of physics, but who are either unable or unwilling to turn the lights off on their spacecraft or paint them inconspicuous colors.   These species also only chose to kidnap those people with questionable intelligence and credibility for their experiments, leaving world leaders and Nobel laureates untouched;
  21. There exists a thriving underground human organ-transplant market run by a group comprising young, beautiful, knife-wielding women, career criminals, and brilliant doctors with complete staffs and millions of dollars worth of expensive equipment;
  22. Moving to the suburbs, or a rural area, is the best way to insulate your children from bad influences, unwanted pregnancy, drugs, and violence;
  23. Disarming law-abiding citizens is a good way to protect them and their families from violence.
1-3 "True" Answers You may be gullible! To find out for sure, send $19.99 + shipping & handling for our comprehensive "Gullibusters' Am I Gullible?" kit. Your results will be tabulated by our staff and returned to you within 5 working days. If we determine you are gullible, we’ll give you a credit for the test’s cost against any of our Gullibility Cure Programs!
4-10 "True" Answers You are most certainly gullible. Send $49.99 + shipping & handling for the Gullibusters' Gullibility Cure Program, which comes with a money-back guarantee – if you aren’t completely satisfied that your gullibility has been cured, we’ll refund the purchase price as a credit toward our Super High Intensity Training System!
11-23 "True" Answers You are highly gullible and need to immediately order Gullibusters' Super High Intensity Training System! Send $179.99 + shipping and handling, and we’ll make sure you never get taken again!
23+ "True" Answers You either cheated or have multiple personality disorder.

Keep checking back, as we are developing new self-help systems all the time!

Don’t waste another dollar getting rooked by slick come-ons! Order today!

Am I Gullible? Kit 

$19.99 + $3.50 S/H

Gullibility Cure Program

$49.99 + $3.50 S/H

Super High Intensity Training System

$179.99 + $3.50 S/H


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Gullibusters'Satisfied Customers Speak

I was schnookered for years by bad men and people who pretended to be my friends.  You have helped me see the error of my ways.  What does "schnookered" mean?
                    - Myrna Clemstock, Moorhead, MN

I used to like and trust the people around me.  Now I can't trust any of them.  Monsters!  We really live in a world full of unrepentant scumbags who only want whatever they can get from me.  Thank you for showing me the truth.
                    -  Raoul Johnson, Souix City, IA

I  now know better than to believe anything anyone says to me ... ever!  Even my wife!  Thank you!  You have made the world a better place for me - but I still don't think I want to stay.
                    - Earle Babbinhook, Vinton, LA

Where are the naked girls?  You said there would be naked girls?  I don't get it.
                    - Charles E. Fennewick, running through anonymous server I built in 5th grade

How is it possible that everything is the huge conspiracy to hide the truth etc. that I always imagined?  How is it that I have never been involved in any single one of them?  You are part of it aren't you?  WHAT AREN'T YOU TELLING ME?
                    - Mad Boy, Smalltown, PA

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