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Fuku Peak, Arizona
the Bellwether of the Gates of Hell

Artist's rendering of Majestic Fuku Peak, which is rarely photographed ... 
at least by people who manage to survive its splendor.

Agent Smith and Skeeky Webo, Jr. first met at this landmark site in the northeastern part of Arizona.  

Prior to their inevitable meeting in such a God-forsaken land, A. Smith had oft found himself shooting the shape of the natural rock formation into the chest of the Dillinger silhouette provided at shooting ranges.  Meanwhile, S. Webo had been at home (as usual) recreating the image on a DOS-based Shareware CAD program for some time.  For some explicable reason, they were both drawn to the singular monolith that is Fuku Peak, AZ (maybe blame Speilberg).

The Back Story:

Legend has it that once every 13 years, two days before the Ides of March, at 1300 hours (talk about irony), the sun is in the perfect position to cast an otherworldly shadow that points to the exact location of the Entrance to Hell!   Smith and Webo were not able to take the time off work on that particular day, hour and time, but met each other a little later, in a nearby saloon, grousing.  

Smith and Webo now believe that the Entrance to Hell is located in New Mexico, the "Land of Enchantment," more than likely in the basement of Skeeky's first wife.  How they came to that conclusion based on the evidence presented ... well ... that's another story altogether.

More details and pictures to come ...

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