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An Important Public Service Announcement about
"Doing Stuff"


There's been a lot of talk lately about "doing stuff."  The media inundates us with images of people "doing stuff."  Television, movies, and the Internet make "doing stuff" look attractive and appealing, and even try to say it's healthy and good for you.

You probably have friends who "do stuff" - they may invite you to "do stuff" with them.  They may say that "doing stuff" will be "fun," or "cool" or "interesting" or, even sometimes, "rad."  They may claim that even their parents "do stuff."  They may say they are your friends because they want you to fall into a trap ... the inescapable trap into which they have fallen.  But they are not your friends.  They are addicts!

Before you make a bad decision, understand the truth:  "Doing stuff" can lead to harder stuff.  "Doing stuff" is extremely addictive, and can expose you to people, places, and things you have never encountered before!   "Doing stuff" can cause danger not only to you, but to others!  And most importantly, it has been proven that when you "do stuff,"  Shit Happens!  

There is plenty of Shit Happening in this world!  Do your part to minimize the impact!

Don't be part of the reason that Shit Happens!
Just Stay Home!

This PSA was paid for by the International Coalition of Cable TV and Internet Service Providers





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