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Noisepie's FAQ Page

Questions regarding the Web Page

Q: How often can we expect updates on your site?

A: Probably Never (2/1/02)

Q: Why can't I access I'll See You in Hell! or Agnet - Australian Agriculture through your site?

A: This is our most frequently asked question. Now you can get to these exciting Web sites by clicking on the appropriate link.

Q: What happens when I click HERE?

Q: Why can't I get your page in Spanish?

A: Please see "semi-colon" question below.

Q: Why don't you depict violent scenes at your Web Site?

A: Haven't had the time. Coming soon: Noisepie-Bloody-Noisepie!

Questions regarding the band

Q: How can I get a copy of your new CD, entitled "Three Brothers, Their Cousin, and a Guy from Michigan"?

A: Funny you should ask. Send us $12 (some of which will cover postage and handling) to Soundcake Records, 12450 Witt Pl., Poway, CA, 92064 (email webmaster@noisepie.zzn.com) and we'll send you the CD. Pretty easy, huh? With every order you get a FREE envelope with bubble packing!

Q: How can I get a copy of your EP?

A: Sorry, you can't. We're all out.

Q: Do you have t-shirts?

A: Yes, we all own many t-shirts.

Q: What's up with the cows?

A: Whenever T.C. gets a new graphics program he doesn't want to try to figure it out and be creative at the same time. Now it's too late to not use cows with band imagery.

Q: Why do so many of you have the same last name?

A: We don't really, but by some bizarre coincidence we decided to use our middle names as stage names, and they all happened to be the same.

Q: Why do you wear baby-blue tux jackets on stage?

A: Because not acknowledging publicly that we're geeks would be like carrying a terrible secret around.

Q: How do you write your lyrics?

A: We reserve expensive recording time, then on the day we're scheduled to lay down the vocals, we write them real quick in the car on the way to the studio.

Q: How long have you been playing music?

A: Collectively, about 75 years, but not with each other.

Q: What are your birthdays?

A: Those are the days on which we were born.

Q: Where do you get your ideas?

A: Get real! Where do you get your ideas?

Q: I asked you first.

A: Shut up.

Other frequently asked questions

Q: How do you spell disingenuous?

A: We don't.

Q: What is the correct way to use a semi-colon?

A: A semi-colon may be used to delineate several intra-sentence, comma-demarcated lists, or may properly separate two independent clauses of equal value (Se usa un punto y coma para dividar clausulas independientes).


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