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Otherwise, this is a Music Site for the Finest Online Rockers - Noisepie

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Cool videos from your pals in Noisepie

Noisepie Morphs: This .avi file has your pals from Noisepie morphing into each other providing fun-filled adventure for the whole family! (460k) The Flying Cyber-Cow: wanna see a 3d-cad cow flying over the San Diego Skyline? (596k)
It's the Cheese Girls: a couple of nice Japanimation gals altered to plug us. (237k) Noisepie Multimedia Thing: this is a blatant, pretty cool, self-executing multimedia program for the band. (1.14mb)
See a map of Boogerville, the San Diego Community where we live


They look kinda like this, only they are much bigger and don't have cartoon outlines. We used to do t-shirts a lot. I have a bunch. You can't have one. Sorry.

Special Ancient Cow Animation for pre-Windows techno-junkies!

This is a DOS batch file that I wrote four years ago using Norton Batch Enhancer. It's literally programmed pixel-by-pixel and cheesy by today's standards, but it's still pretty cool. Best thing is, it utilizes VERY FEW BITES. And if you know how to edit your autoexec.bat file, it's a nice file to automatically run when you shut down or boot-up your computer.

TO TRY IT: Download both TCOW96.BAT (15k) and BE.EXE (22k) into the same directory, then in File Manager (Windows 3.1) or Explorer (Windows 95) double-click on TCOW96.BAT; or from the DOS prompt type TCOW96.

TCOW96.BAT (Note: this is a DOS text file. Be sure to save it as TCOW96.BAT, and not as an .html or .txt file or it won't run)


It's pretty easy, but if you have questions, don't hesitate to e-mail me from the home page

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