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(as of 1997 ... much has changed of course)

Here are the members of Noisepie and what they do and a little about who they are and so on ... just like a fanzine! (Pretty cheesy, huh?)

Noisepie hails from Boogerville, a community of San Diego
See a map of Boogerville here!

GEOFF JOHNSTON: saxophone and vocals

Geoff was born in Mission Hills, CA (I think ... I was only 5 at the time) and is currently 27 or so. He has a BA in music from BYU and a Masters Degree in business from San Diego State University. He used to think the English Beat was the greatest band of all time (excluding The Beatles of course). Then we opened for English Beat's singer Dave Wakeling in his new band BANG (pronounced "Bong" by him), and Geoff got to meet Wakeling. Dave's a really cool guy, but he's just a dude like the rest of us. Geoff also recently had a baby girl with his wife Kristen. Her name is Samantha. Hands off!


Chris has been in San Diego most of his life and generally likes to be in at least three bands at a time. He is now 31 and feeling it. He has delved into art, music, and trying to live without sleeping for long periods of time. Chris is the cousin of the Johnston boys and he and T.C. (drummer) have been close friends for decades. Chris has the innate ability to make strange and unusual sounds on his guitar which makes it OK that he can't remember the chords half the time.

ROBERT WELPER: bass and guitar

Robert is the only non-family member of Noisepie. He has worked with Chris and T.C. for almost five years in their other band faux pas. Robert is the sort of indispensable musician that you have to keep around even though you can't figure him out. He has degrees in Economics and Spanish and marched in the band at University of Michigan, and (as you might have guessed) migrated to California from MI. Robert's like 32 or something. Robert didn't tell us for 5 years that everybody else calls him Robbie.


Wes, at 22, is the youngest member of the Noisepie family. But he has really cool stuff to play on, including two custom made six-string basses, one of which is fretless. Also, he is more in tune with what is cool in the world than us older folks and he has no problem wearing a goofy straw cowboy hat on stage. We sorta had to let him in the band because he quit his job to make a rehearsal, but he has proven to be a valuable asset.

T.C. JOHNSTON: drums and vocals

That's me. I'm the oldest (33), I have the cool (i.e. expensive) computer stuff etc. I was a keyboard player for many years but gave it up for the skins because it's more visceral and, frankly, I like to hit things with sticks. I am finally an attorney, although I'm going back to school for a Masters in law (primarily to defer student loans until I make enough to pay them back). I was also a journalist and circus clown. My favorite word for a color is "mauve."

Also, I built and maintain this stupid site and it took a long time and I have no life because of it, so I hope you appreciate it.

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