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1noo·dle,'nü-d&l, noun; perhaps alteration of noddle, Date: 1753; 1 : a stupid person : SIMPLETON, 2 : HEAD, NOGGIN

ra·ma, 'ra-m&, -'rä-, noun, Greek horama sight, from horan to see

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faux pas
Funky and fun stuff.... nerds gone horribly wrong… or… "The Mostest Funnest Band in the Woorrllddd!!!" This was three brothers, their cousin, and a guy from Michigan. Lots of info at Eclectic, happy tunes about obsession and revenge. T.C. on keyboards and vocals, Bruce on drums, brother Wes on bass, sometimes. Humor-core at its finest punky goofiness — sometimes bursting with brilliant ineptitude. Cousin Chris on guit n vocs, Robbie from Michigan on bass n guit, T.C. on drums n vocs.
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I threw my brain into the air,
It fell to earth, I know not where.

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